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Transport a car
18 Feb

What is door to door transportation?

What is door to door transportation?

As the name suggests, door to door auto transport service suggests the entire shipping cycle from the door of the shipper to the door of the delivery address. In this article, we will discuss what is auto transport door to door delivery and its benefits. 

In other words, your car is picked up and delivered the same way as the package is delivered in the mail. There are some situations that may prohibit car carriers from entering your area. It could be residential laws, narrow streets, or the hillside area. All of them may prevent the delivery truck from reaching point B.  

If it happens that a consignee home is located in a hard-to-reach location, then the pick up will take place at a safe and mutually agreed upon destination. Nevertheless, if there is nothing to worry about, and you have already seen a trailer in your neighborhood, then the delivery won’t be a problem. 

The Benefits of Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

According to the auto transport reviews door to door, it is a popular method of transporting an auto to a new place. So, let’s look at the main advantages of door-to-door transportation. 

  1. Absolute convenience

It is one of the most obvious advantages of door-to-door auto shipping. The car owner chooses the specified location and gets his car in time. The carrier will upload your vehicle as close to your home as possible. So that you won’t have to drive it for several hours.

  1. Complete safety and security

These both factors are paramount while transporting your vehicle to a new location. Besides, with door-to-door auto shipping, you prevent your car from possible breakdowns and accidents on the road. Special attention is paid to the used cars because they need some sort of servicing before being fit for the road.

  1. Affordability

The auto shipping cost is all-inclusive. The transporting company will deliver your car for an affordable price without having to run from pillar to post.

  1. Complete protection for your car

Some auto shipping companies offer enclosed car transport that guarantees protection from debris and traffic grime while transporting. Your car will be loaded in an enclosed trailer and unloaded right in front of a new home. Keep in mind, this method is perfect for transporting an exotic or luxury car. 

Cons of Door to Door Car Transport

On the other hand, there are a couple of door-to-door auto transport complaints. Although, the advantage of complete safety and security together with convenience trumps them all.

As it was mentioned above, not all the locations are accessible for the auto transporting trucks. In some cases, trailers are denied access to a particular residential area. That is why you should pay special attention to the narrowness of the streets near your home and residential restrictions. 

Final thoughts

Obviously, door-to-door transportation is a perfect choice for car owners who don’t have spare time to transport the vehicle to a new place. Besides, it may cost more money than the other auto transport options available. That is why it is better to choose another method for a person on a short budget.