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Car Transport Documents
08 Jun

What Documents Do You Need For Car Transport?

Whether you decided to ship your car, paperwork is inevitable. You need to collect a stack of car shipping documents, but it’s so easy to get confused. There are just two papers that are always required. Still, the exact number of documents depends on the state and shipping conditions. Should the documents be present while shipping a car? Yes! So let us tell you which papers you will need for car shipping and what each provides.

Bill of lading

This document is number one in the list of documents needed when shipping a car. Bill of lading means a commodity document issued by a carrier to its consignor. This document contains certifying the acceptance of the shipment for carriage and obligation to deliver the shipment to the destination and hand it over to the consignee. In other words, a bill of lading proofs a car delivery. It’s important to document any visible damages to your car in the bill of lading – otherwise, the insurance company will deny your request for car repair.

Original title and registration

An original title determines your car ownership and certifies a car belonging to the owner. At the same time, registration of your vehicle signifies that an owner has all required documentation for the car defined by law in his state. Besides, it’s not always necessary to have an original title and registration for car shipping. You should ask your transport carrier for these documents.

Insurance terms and conditions

Documents for shipping a car always include the insurance terms and conditions of your vehicle. It’s important to make sure and check up your car is insured by a reliable underwriter – this fact will prevent you from the unpleasant situation with a refusal of reimbursement. Apply to the trusty insurance company, and verify all the conditions of the insurance before the shipping too.

Photo identification

The transport carrier uncommonly requires your Photo ID. It is usually needed for the specific internal databases of shipping companies. There will be no problems with this, whether you carry your driver’s license or keep it inside your car.

Special considerations

Should the documents be present while shipping a car inside the USA? Of course, and there are some special cases. For instance, if you want to ship your vehicle to or from Hawaii, you will need to get lienholder authorization and absent owner authorization. Moreover, there are other documents for shipping in the US, included U.S. customs invoices, commercial invoices, and inward cargo manifest. You need to clarify all the required documents for car shipping in your transport carrier.