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Transporting Your Vehicle
20 Dec

Transporting Your Vehicle – Should You Ship, Tow, Haul Or Drive?

Transporting Your Vehicle – Should You Ship, Tow, Haul Or Drive?

Whether you decide to move your car to your new home or any other destination, you have several options for transporting your vehicle. While many customers find a professional shipping company the best choice to move their car, persistent drivers, in most cases, will refer to driving a vehicle on their own. At the same time, other people prefer to tow their car while moving. So, what option to transport vehicles is better to choose? Let’s discover it below.

Shipping your vehicle

Essentially, car shipping remains the most common way to move a vehicle interstate or across a country. While shipping your car, there are some options to choose from – using enclosed or open trailers. Open transportation often means the flatbed or double-decker carriers, and it is cheaper than the enclosed one. Owners of luxury, vintage or rare cars would like to use enclosed shipping since this method provides advanced protection from multiple external factors.

The main benefit of shipping your vehicle by using the services of a professional transportation company is that you get a hassle-free experience. You can rely on your reputable carrier and wait for your car at home. However, some customers talk about the downside of professional car shipping – it is a high price. But isn’t it better to pay for peace in your mind rather than get stressed while transporting your vehicle?

Towing your vehicle

For some people, towing a car seems like the best idea to move since they can get excellent control throughout the whole way. But it is not as easy as it may appear. While renting a trailer or tow dolly can be cheaper than using the services of a professional carrier, the process of towing a car to a new destination is a real challenge. You will need to pay for hotels, food, fuel, renting a tow dolly, and the final price may turn out even cheaper than shipping a car. Besides, some routes might be pretty dangerous to move with a trailer hitched behind your vehicle. You will have to control at the same time your vehicle, a trailer, and road condition – this task is not very simple at first glance.

Hauling or pulling your vehicle

Another way to transport your car is to pull it with another vehicle. This method might be effective for short distances but won’t work for long routes. The drivers should be truly responsible while pulling a car to avoid potential damages. Still, it would be better to refer to a professional vehicle transport company.

Driving your vehicle

Many people are willing to drive a personal transport vehicle to a destination independently. The main advantage of this method is the opportunity to make a trip – you can quickly stop in the cities to see the tourist spots, eat in the restaurants and have some fun. Still, consider the potential spending for hotels, food, and fuel. You should be aware of the shortest routes to transport your car as fast as possible. Otherwise, car transportation might be time-consuming.