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15 Jun

Trailer Types for Car Transport Service

Trailer Types for Car Transport Service

A man turns to the car transport service at least once during his lifetime. Car shipping service helps to ship your car faster, easier and safer. Lots of people have already tried some car shipping companies. Some of them use car transport services on the regular basis. In fact, it does not matter whether you’re the person who needs a regular car shipping service or does not. In any case, you should be well-informed with all the points which concern the issue mentioned above. One of these issues is out of turn. It’s about the variety of trailer types for car transport service. So, let’s scan this question.

If you need to transport your car, you should find out what trailer will suit your needs. If the low price is what you’re searching for, so a multi-car trailer will suit be the best solution for you. But if you are not completely sure what trailer you really need, it’s wise to take some minutes and familiarize yourself with a variety of trailer types, before using auto transport service.

There are two main types of transporting vehicles: open and close (enclose).

Open Type

It is the way of transiting vehicles with the help of a truck without any covering above. You should imagine in what way it is going to be. Cars are transporting under the open sky and there is no guarantee whether your auto will be safely transported or not (because of dust that may scratch your auto). But if you need to ship your automobile and you are in short of money, this type will meet your needs.

This one is also divided into the other subtypes of trailers:

  • Double-Level Tractor Trailer;
  • One-leveled multi-car truck;
  • Single-vehicle truck.

Double-Level Tractor Trailer

This kind of car shipping is the most accessible one. It is included in a list of offerings of any high-quality company. A lot of Americans turn to exactly this car shipping type. This type is so popular because of its affordable price. And this is not strange. The price is not high due to a large number of cars which are shipped in the same trailer. A disadvantage of the multi-car tractor trailer is that it takes more time for shipping in comparison with the other types of trailers. So, if you search a good and fast way of transporting your car, this one won’t meet your needs. Moreover, a multi-car trailer does not provide as much protection and security of the car transportation way as a single-vehicle truck. There are some points, which may lead to unpredictable circumstances. They are:

  • Unpredictable weather changes;
  • A large number of cars that can hurt your car;
  • Road dirt and grime;
  • The dimension of a truck.

Fortunately, there is a very small probability of these problems’ occurrence. All cars always arrive at their destination on time and without any damage. That’s why there is no reason for extra worries.

One-Level Multi-Car Truck

This is another type of vehicle shipping which represents a one level truck. With the help of this type, you may transport a smaller amount of autos than with the help of multi/double-level car trailer. This type is used for shipping luxury high-end models and sports utility vehicles. And it is obvious, that it is a more expensive service than the first one.

Single-Vehicle Truck

Are you looking for the fast and inexpensive way of car transportation? A single-vehicle truck will satisfy your financial needs. Only your car will be shipped on this truck. It means that there is no reason to worry about such things as:

  • Scratches are obtained when downloading other cars;
  • This is a much faster process;
  • No extra stops to unload other cars;
  • There is no risk of a clash between your car and a car of someone else during the carriage.

Closed (Enclosed) Type

The last but not the least, this one is another way of car shipping service. Enclose trailer is opposite to the open one. If the first type represents a way of car transportation under the open blue sky, the close kind is about shipping a car among 4 walls covered with the ceiling. So, by this way, your car will not be suffered from any weather conditions, strong wind and road hazard. Such conveniences lead to the high costs. Thereby, this service demands a bigger sum of money than that, offered by the open multi or single car truck.

The close (enclose) type is divided into the next subcategories:

  • Multi auto covered shipping;
  • Single vehicle enclosed shipping.

Multi Auto Covered Shipping

It differs from the multi-car open shipping way of auto transportation. The first reason is the covering and conveniences which are given to your car. The second is the smaller number of shipping cars during one trip. If the open kind gives an opportunity to ship more than 10 autos, the enclosed one allows shipping from two to eight cars simultaneously.

Single Vehicle Enclosed Shipping

It is the most expensive way to ship a car, but the most secure one. It allows you to relocate your vehicle from one place to another in a very short time without any kind of danger. Your vehicle will be inside 4 walls with the ceiling above. There will be no car, so your car will be shipped alone. It will allow the truck to move faster and in a safer manner. With the help of this car shipping service, you may get rid of any worries and wait for your car with a peace of mind.


Before hiring the professionals and choosing the type of the car shipping service, you should familiarize yourself with different kinds of the auto transport trailers. Find out which of them will suit you not only financially, but timely as well. You won’t be able to do the right choice without the appropriate knowledge. That’s why it is so important to familiarize yourself with all the services you are offered in order to find the best one that will meet your needs.