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20 Sep

Tow Dolly vs. Auto Transport: What Are The Differences?

Moving to a new house or apartment, changing the environment, social circle, and work at once is a step that requires courage. There are so many questions to settle. Agree with landlords or realtors about housing. Then go to the government services and inform all the necessary authorities that a different address will soon need to be indicated in the column on the place of residence.

Next, negotiate with the carrier of your luggage, possibly furniture and personal belongings.  However, one of the last things that you suddenly think about before leaving will be private transport. What to do with it if you are going to live on the other side of the country or even far abroad, and the car is still in the garage. And it will gather dust there and interfere with you until you decide on a delivery method.

But it isn’t easy to decide, since it is not very clear the difference and advantages of auto transport vs tow dolly. Let’s figure it out!

How Do They Work?

The car trolley is a small trailer attachment. It has only two wheels and therefore can only transport the car in the half-submerged state when the rear wheels of your vehicle remain on the road.

The auto transporter has some differences. For example, it works on four wheels, although it is also essentially a trailer. The difference is significant since you cannot lift the whole car using a tow dolly vs auto transport. And in the opposite situation, it will be possible to raise the vehicle without problems.


Both fittings are suitable for almost any vehicle. Compared to hauls tow dolly vs auto transport, the smaller trailer is not designed to lift extra heavy loads like the larger trailer.

For example, it will most likely be impossible to transfer trucks with a two-wheeled vehicle due to the non-standard weight.

Meanwhile, an auto transporter can also work on the principle of an ant, lifting a more cumbersome transport than itself.

Set Up Methods

Analyzing the pros and cons of auto transport vs tow dolly on this point, we can conclude that taking a car in tow with the help of a full-fledged vehicle will be much faster, easier, and more convenient. Besides, the company you entrust the transportation, as a rule, loads and unloads its car transporter on its own.

When comparing tow dolly vs auto transport from the height of our experience, it will be challenging for you to deal with the trolley.

The fact is that without correct and accurate fastening of the car on a two-wheeled trailer, you risk creating an emergency on the road.

And unlike transportation by road, you will not be able to press the emergency stop button to lock the load in place.


Tow dolly vs auto transport price is smaller for near $ 20. Thus, a four-wheel trailer may seem more attractive in value, but it is worth looking at the big picture. The losses that you can incur if something goes wrong will exceed these small cost savings.

In addition, if you do not have a transport suitable for transportation, to which you can attach a trolley, then the company will charge you an additional amount. Isn’t it easier to get by with an auto transporter?


When compared, it turns out that auto transport vs tow dolly is safer. The fact is that the weight of the cargo is evenly distributed over the trailer for road transport. The only danger is the human factor when driving.

On the other hand, the towing carriage is fraught with many risks associated with securing the load, disconnecting the car from the cart, unfavorable weather conditions, etc. One of the main enemies of safety in this type of transportation is high speed.


If we consider the tow dolly vs auto transport trailer, then in the first one, to prevent the trailer and the load on it from swinging, you should not increase the speed above average, but it is advisable to drive at a deficient speed at all. This is due to the security issues we mentioned earlier.

You need to understand that the car transporter will also not move at high speed. However, if you choose in its favor, you will be able to move a little faster.


Parking tow dolly vs auto transport is one of the most serious problems during your journey. 

The towing carriage is extremely difficult to maneuver on the road, for example, concerning going back. This is extremely difficult for experienced drivers, let alone beginners.

At the same time, when comparing tow dolly vs auto transport parking, you can see that the car transporter does not have such difficulties, since it is driven precisely like a regular car. 

We hope that we have helped you to choose the type of transportation. We wish you and your property a safe journey to your new home!