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Things to Know Before Shipping a Car
09 Aug


There are times when you need professional assistance to help you with car transportation from the one part of the county to another. So, if you are going to relocate to a new state and shipping a car is one of the most important issues you’d like to be solved the best way, you have to work with an experienced and professional auto transport company. In addition to this, you have to pay heed to your car pre-shipping preparation to ensure yourself that the vehicle will arrive safe and sound.

Why Auto Transport Company?

If you want your car to be moved from the old home to the new one, or if you are going to ship a vehicle across the country, you’ll definitely need to take a minute and search for the best auto transport company, which will handle the transportation of your vehicle.

How to prepare your vehicle for the shipping process?

In order to experience a successful shipping of your car and avoid undesirable damages, you need to take some time and prepare it for shipping process. We’ve prepared a list of things you need to think about as well as prepare all of them beforehand. It is highly important to do it before you see your car will be shipped by car shipping company.

Don’t let auto transport company ship the dirty car

You need to think about all the important details before shipping a car to a new place. For you, it would be more comfortable to let auto transport company ship clean and tidy car than it would be dirty with grease. Comfort is not the all. Dirt and dust may easily hide scratches and dents. So, it may cause a big problem. That’s why it’s highly important to wash the vehicle thoroughly before an auto transport company will pick up and ship your car.
Also, think about documenting any pre-existing damage to your car. So, when your car is washed, make a written record of any dents, scratches or the other cosmetic damages your car has. Make lots of car photos from various angles. Date the records and photographs you’ve made. Check whether truck driver also makes an official note in addition to your personal one (insist on driver’s signature on the inspection record). Make a copy of your records and immediately notify your auto transport company. It may help you a lot because it will be easier for you to find or notice any possible damage caused by your vehicle transporting once it arrives at its destination.

Clean the inside interior of your vehicle

During the process of shipping, your car may be jostled a bit. The items inside the car may be tossed. Insurance coverage does not cover any personal items inside the customer’s car. So, if you don’t want the thing left inside your car to be tossed, you’ll have to take everything out of your vehicle.

Little fuel is better than a full tank of gasoline

Before the moving day, you need to be sure your car has as little fuel in the gas tank as possible. To be sure everything goes smooth, keep the fuel level of your car only to a quarter of the tank.  A full tank of gasoline will not only make your car heavier but will also increase the risks of possible damage during the transportation process.

Check for leaks in your car

Before moving your car to the new place, especially when it concerns shipping across the county (long distance move), it’s very important to check all the fluids. Check the undercarriage to ensure yourself the car is repaired and does not have any service problems. You need to make sure there is no leakage from your vehicle, because it may end up as the risk of safety of the other cars, during the shipment process. So, if you’ve checked your car and found it has some problems with the aggressive leak, you’ll need immediately visit car service to get it repaired. If you decide to cheat, the auto transport company may refuse of shipping your car.

Check the car battery

One of the most important tips is checking your car battery before hanging it over for a transit. The battery should be in working order to avoid problems and difficulties during the loading and unloading your car.

Check whether your car tires are properly inflated

In order to experience a smooth and carefree shipping experience, you need to think about tires. They should be neither too much inflated nor under-inflated. It may lead to problems during the loading or unloading of your vehicle. There should be a “golden mean” between these two notions.

Think about the exterior accessories your car has

Most people do not pay attention to the exterior accessories of their private car. So, if your car has some extra set of details which cannot be removed, you need to cover it with paper or with bubble wrap. It will protect them from breaking during the transit.

Don’t make the truck driver be your enemy

Because each car has an alarm system, you need to think on your own. Before picking the vehicle up to the truck, don’t forget to turn off all the alarm systems your vehicle may have. If will be funny for you, but not for the truck driver when your car alarm system will turn on during the shipping.

Lock the car

Once you’ve checked that everything is okay and your car is already loaded, there is no reason to wait and allow the car to be opened. Lock the car until it will be shipped to its new home. It will reduce the risk of theft while the car is being shipped.

In addition to this, there are some important tips you need to know.

Covered or uncovered carrier

The difference between covered and uncovered carries is large. The uncovered carrier is less expensive than the covered one, but it’s more sensitive to various elements and any debris that may fly in the path of the truck. So, if the safety of your car is your main priority (especially if the car is too much expensive) you need to choose the covered carrier. Be ready to pay more for this kind of shipping service.

Scheduled pickup or open transport

In most cases, auto shipping company calls you when it has a truck with an open slot. If the date is important for you, it will be better to choose the scheduled pickup service (it is more expensive than the open transport)

Check your insurance coverage

If you are going to order auto transport service, it will be wise to ask them about insurance coverage. A good and reputable auto transport company provides its customers with car insurance coverage. It is very important in case anything happens to your vehicle during the shipping your car.

Thanks to Empire Auto Transportation and your pre-shipping preparation, your car will be shipped to the necessary destination successfully. For more details, you can easily contact us through the email or a simple phone call. And remember, the better you prepare your car for the shipment, the more likely it will arrive on time and without any scraps, dents or another damage.