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auto transport scams
16 Apr

Signs of a Bad Car Shipping Company

Nowadays, people are frequently fooled by so-called shipping companies. It becomes harder to trust even the most popular companies. Everybody is afraid of auto transport scams. The problem is in making a quick moving decision, especially when the point in question is your car. Everyone wants to find a perfect service in a short time. It is hard to trust any vehicle shipping company because of proper car protection to avoid any potential damage. The most important rule you need to follow is to avoid the attempt to choose the cheapest moving company even if it’s difficult, you have no time and act in a hurry. If it is your first-time car shipping experience, you need to know that you may face the danger of getting caught by car shipping scams. Your task is to figure out which one is a good car shipping company and which one is a scam. Here are some tips on avoiding a fraud. They can save not only your car but also your nerves.

The First Impression

Look through all the company’s testimonials you are going to choose. Before making a choice and hiring an auto transport company, the top priority task you need to do is to find out as much information as you can. Every auto transport company has positive and negative comments on its service, team, and reliability.  Beware of sites which have only good reviews. There is a bad for every good. If no, it may be a scam.

Enter a company’s name in the Google search or another searching system. Ask your friends or colleges to tell you something about your chosen one. You should know at least a few real facts about that company before you hire it.

Is The Written Address Real?

It is a good decision to check the shipping company address. Every company has its own office even if it is very small. You should find its office with the help of internet maps.

Sometimes there is no address on site. Ask about it. If they say there is no need in it or something like this, say “goodbye”.

Pay Attention to Punctuality

No one responsible and reputable company would let its workers be late. The company has to show you, that you are very important for them. The meeting is a very significant part of both you and the auto transport company. It is even more important for the last one. Of course, emergencies happen. In this case, you should ask the reason. The car transport company’s employees must expound the happened situation.

Take into consideration that your business is the main task for every respected company. Every car transport company takes an interest in arriving on time or a few minutes earlier. It’s necessary to make a good impression.

Ask as Many Questions as You Can

Do not be shy. The more questions you ask, the more info you’ll get. You must know everything about:

  • Auto car shippers;
  • Process itself;
  • Total price;
  • Service’s quality;
  • Process’s major points;
  • The time it demands;
  • Workers’ professional skills

Taking a lot of questions allows you gain more necessary information. It gives you an opportunity to know more about the whole event from beginning to end. This information will be a great assistant to make the right choice.

Professionals will answer all your questions clearly. It is in their interest to expound you the whole auto transport process from beginning to end.

A bad moving company may be caught in a lie. The employees of such companies try to avoid answering clearly. In the other case, they will lie too sweet. Your questions can serve you as a winning ticket. Extract as much information as possible to find out where the truth is.

Should You Ask Show The Documents?

Implicitly, yes. If you are not offered the documents to look through, you have to ask about registrations, insurance or the other kinds of documents.

What are the documents you need to pay attention to?

  • the company’s services data (which services it offers);
  • registrations;
  • certificates;
  • insurance

A good one may propose you to take a look at its awards. Any successful company would be happy to share its progress with you.

Bad car shipping company will refuse to give such piece of information. A scam one always tries to avoid such issues. The workers of such companies will manage to pipe up you and give no specific information.

Take a Good Look at an Employee

The employee’s appearance can tell a lot. High-quality workers usually have their own uniform with the main feature – company’s logo. Usually, the workers of such companies wear coveralls. The coveralls may be of different types and colors. The workers’ clothes must be comfortable.

It must not interfere with free movement. The whole group of employees should have the same uniform. It is the symbol of their unity in work and harmonious cooperation.

If the workers look unprofessional, you should do some more constructive thinking of hiring this company. Nobody will do the work wearing a t-shirt and dirty jeans.

Use Your Money Wisely

You should not throw money down the drain. Pay your money after the whole work or divide the total price into the two parts. Pay one part of the work process and the rest sum after.

The auto transport scam companies always ask to pay the full amount immediately or the bigger part of the work. Keep away from such companies.


You should be ready for any kind of risk you may run of. Frauds are everywhere. Gain as much information as you can to save your money. You have to be well prepared before hiring the company. The tips mentioned in this article will help you to find the real car shipping company and avert a scam. Empire Auto Transportation will serve you the best. You can trust us and our professionals. We’ll listen to you attentively and do our utmost to meet your wishes.  Be sure, with our company you’ll experience only smooth, carefree and easy car shipping experience!