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20 Dec

Shipping Vehicles From Salvage Car Auctions: 3 Things To Remember

Shipping Vehicles From Salvage Car Auctions: 3 Things To Remember

Are you planning to buy a vehicle at a salvage car auction? You are not the only one. Salvage car shipping is a widespread practice in the USA and globally. Such auctions allow clients to purchase a suitable car at a very affordable price. However, every buyer should know several vital tips not to get confused. In this article, let’s discover what salvage car auctions are and what things you should keep in mind while salvaging cars international shipping.

Salvage car auction at a glance

Generally, auto auctions are determined as a specific practice of selling vehicles using the auction system. Different auto dealers are engaged in car auctions all around the world. In countries, as the USA and Japan, automobile auctions are ordinary experiences to deal with. As for the dealer auto auctions, only licensed dealers can participate in them. The prices at such auctions are considered lower compared to usual ones. There are several types of dealer auto auctions today – off-rental, off-lease, repossessed, company, trade-in, and finally salvage ones.

A salvage car auction involves dealers who have bought the vehicles from insurance companies. The cars are primarily ones that have been in fire, flood, accidents, or thefts. The mechanism works in the way insurance companies buy such vehicles and then sell them to dealers, who need to fix cars and resell them in auctions. The main goal of salvage or any other car auction is to sell cars quickly and without any hassle, so you can find meager prices in such places.

Things to remember during salvage car shipping

So, you find a suitable car at a salvage car auction. What’s next? The following step is car transportation, and there are some nuances, too. The shipping might differ when you need shipping salvage vehicles overseas. 

Herewith, apply to the international salvage car shipping company in case of interstate delivery. Here are three essential things to keep in mind once you cope with car shipping from auto auctions.

1. Pay for the vehicle in full

First things first – be sure all the financial moments of the auction are successfully made and approved before you are going to engage in shipping a car. The payments can include member fees or any storage fees. Anyway, it never hurts to ask a dealer what costs you need to perform during the auto auction.

2. Provide pickup details

To get a faster car delivery, it would be better to clarify all the details regarding the pickup location. This way, the earlier you contact the shipping company, the easier car preparation for the shipping process will pass. Highlight all the required auction information, too. It incorporates a buyer and lot number, VIN, etc.

3. Calculate storage fees

Many buyers might not know that the auction provides a free storage option for around two days. After that time, storage fees will be required. Don’t miss a day when you still can pick your purchased vehicle for free, and let a shipping agent know as well.