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Truck Shipping

Empire Auto Transportation is one of the most well-known truck shipping companies in Central New York. With over 10 years of experience and a powerful team, we’ve already helped thousands of customers move their trucks all across the United States. Our truck shipping service covers over 50 states, offering our customers an outstanding car shipping experience.

No matter the type of type of truck, our company will deal with any kind of work. We’ll do our best to ensure smooth shipping to your destination. We’ll work hard to transport it
quickly, safely and without any problem. Your truck will be shipped to its destination in a timely manner. Our truck shipping transport is well-equipped with all the necessary tools, as well as trailers to provide you with unforgettable truck shipping experience. We do our best to become your favorite full-fledged heavy truck transport company.

How to Ship a Truck ?

There are 6 common steps you need to follow with before you let car shipping company ship your truck. They are:

Get a quote and book your order
Get destination charges
Complete the quote (fill in all the fields in a quote: delivery city, distance, shipping service, the weight of truck etc.)
Collect the documents
Prepare your truck for shipping process
Wait for the trailer and enjoy the journey

The Cost of Truck Transport Service

One of the main questions everyone asks is how much it will cost to ship a truck. Truck shipping service is not much different from car shipping. Ultimately, the cost of shipping a truck depends on several factors which have a direct influence on its cost. So, what are these factors?


Truck Dimensions & Weight

The weight of the truck, as well as its size, is one of the first key factors that impact the cost of truck shipping. This is because every truck requires a special approach as well as trailer to be shipped.

In addition, there is a big difference in shipping a simple pickup and a large sweeper truck because of their big difference in size and weight as well. The price for transporting the pickup will be less than the price for transporting the sweeper.


Equipment Required

The complexity of truck shipping also effects the price. Each truck requires special equipment to be safely shipped from one place to another. There are different types of trailers that depend on the size and weight of the truck. Each type of trailer is individually priced.


Location & Destination

As well as in any type of car shipping service, the distance of delivery plays an important role in the overall cost of truck transportation. The longer the distance required, the higher the price. The mileage is a simple thing to understand, but the delivery route also plays an important role in truck shipping, influencing the total cost of the service.

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Truck ?

There are a lot of factors that may change the time of the truck pickup and delivery:

Driver’s Hours

Due to the Department of Transportation, there is a limited amount of hours that allow a truck driver to be on the road. That’s why there is a 70-hour limit which ensures that the driver is well-rested and able to drive safely.



You should also take into consideration that if it is a peak-time for traveling or transporting, your truck may run into traffic several times on the road.



Shipping a truck from one neighboring state to another might only take approximately 12 days, but shipping a truck from North Carolina to California may take up to several weeks.


Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions will increase the amount of time it takes to transport your truck. Rain, snow, sleet and hail will not stop us from delivering your truck but it might slow down the process.


Road Conditions

Factors as road detours, construction, and potential driving accidents can impact on the length of your waiting time. A fast delivery doesn’t mean that the delivery was successful. High speed during transit may increase the risks of accidents on the road. The safety of our drivers and your vehicle is our primary concern. of any highly-reputed company.

Why Choose Our Truck Transport Service?

Accurate, safe and punctual truck shipping service

Accurate, safe and punctual truck shipping service

More than 10 years of experience

More than 10 years of experience


Quick quote

Reliable drivers

Reliable drivers

5-star carriers

5-star carriers

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

Door-to-door delivery

Door-to-door delivery

Types of Trucks We Frequently Ship

Empire Auto Transportation offers shipping services to these kinds of trucks:

  Classic and antique trucks and pickups

  Tow trucks

 Box trucks

 Garbage trucks

 Large service vehicles

 Mid-size and full-size trucks

 Hauling and delivery trucks

 Service trucks

 Utility trucks

 Flatbed trucks

 Fire trucks

 Commercial trucks

 Semi trucks

Truck Shipping Service

Empire Auto Transportation is glad to help everyone willing to ship his truck successfully and stress-free. If you need more detailed information on truck shipping services, offered by our company, please, feel free to call us or send us an email. We’ll always be glad to answer all the questions as well as help you with truck shipping.