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EMPIRE AUTO TRANSPORTATION - SUV Shipping & Transport Services

Most of the people who live in today’s world prefer to go ahead and spend their money to purchase an SUV. The flexibility offered by this vehicle has contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact. One of the recently conducted studies has identified that the SUV sale has increased dramatically throughout the past few years.

If you are an SUV owner, you can be proud of the decision to buy this kind of vehicle. However, most of the SUV owners come across some difficulties with SUV transportation. That’s why it is important for you to look for the reliable SUV transportation services. These services are in a position to provide a tremendous assistance to you with overcoming the frustration associated with taking the SUV from one place to another.

Understanding the Cost To Ship A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUV’s are an increasingly popular vehicle. However, many SUV owners are surprised to encounter the difficulties that come with transporting SUV’s. They are more expensive to transport than regular cars because of their size and weight. At Empire Auto Transportation, we are dedicated to transporting your SUV’S without any frustrations. There are two main ways to transport SUV’s, the open transport services and the covered/enclosed car transport services.

Open or Covered Transport

When looking for SUV transportation services, you will figure out that there are two main types of services available for you to get. They include the open transport services and the covered/enclosed car transport services.

Open transport services are the most economical option available. Your SUV will be loaded to on an open hauler. These types of haulers are being used by factories to send out vehicles to dealerships. The enclosed transport service covers the SUV and protects it from the elements. You will have to spend additional amounts of money out of your pocket for these services. However, the benefits you can receive out of them are totally worth. This will also help you to get the SUV to its destination in the showroom condition.

How Long Does It Take to Ship an SUV?

The time taken to ship an SUV depends on the distance. If the distance is less than 62 miles, you will often be able to receive your car the same day or the next day. Weather also affects the time. If weather is bad, it will take longer.