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How to Ship A Wrecked Vehicle?

Shipping a salvaged car is not an easy process. It requires lots of care, attention, and special equipment. Preparing a salvaged vehicle for shipping presents unique difficulties that Empire Auto Transportation is prepared to handle with the utmost care. Empire Auto Transportation is able to ship non-running and wrecked cars. Our salvage vehicle transport allows us to ship any car despite how wrecked it could be.


The most frequent issues of cars’ incapacity are:

Blocked Wheels

A car’s wheels are blocked when they aren’t parallel, straight, and able to turn. Fortunately, Empire Auto Transportation is able to load the car and ship it to the necessary location.

Collision Damage

Car accidents are very common and as a result, cars are often wrecked. If the car is wrecked and cannot roll, we will load it using a rollback tow truck to ensure safety.

No Keys

There are vehicles that if in neutral gear and key-less can easily roll without any resistance. But there are cars which need a key to be able to roll. In this case, you need to ask car shipping company to load your car and ship it to the distance you need.

Mechanical Issues

If the car is broken down because of mechanical issues and it is not able to run, we are still able to load your car and transport it to the desired location

Things To Know Before Buying A Salvaged Car On The Auction

A salvaged vehicle is considered uneconomic by insurance companies. Often the repair cost of the damaged vehicle exceeds the value of the car. Every car is provided with a pre-accident payout, which is equal to the value of the car. The insurance company pays out the pre-accident value of the car to its owner and from then on the car is considered to be the personal property of the insurance company. The future of the car is then decided in car auctions. Salvaged cars are often sold by parts, but there are cases where they may be resold to the public. One of the benefits of purchasing a salvaged vehicle is its initial low price.

With salvaged cars comes a lot of stress. In order to help our consumers feel relaxed and confident about the services we provide, our drivers offer insured and licensed car shipping services. At Empire Auto Transportation, we are used to transporting any number of vehicles. Our team of experienced drivers is the best in the auto shipping business. They are well equipped to successfully transport multiple cars at once.

Car auctions are a popular place to buy salvaged cars. We provide transportation from car auctions to the destination of your choice. We offer local and interstate car shipping service to anywhere in the US. Thanks to Empire Auto Transportation, you’ll get your salvaged car shipped quickly and safely.

We Offer

We’re one of the best vehicle shipping companies in CNY, that’s why we do our best to prove our great reputation and well-known name.

We provide insured, bonded and licensed car shipping services.

With over 10 years of car shipping experience, we take care of every car as if it was our own. We know how important the car is for you – that’s why we are always ready to help you in unpredictable life events, happening on the. We treat each car with respect, care, and responsibility.

We provide reasonable rates and the best customer service in the car shipping industry . We take into consideration all the needs of our customers. Tell us what you want, what type of car service your vehicle requires, and we’ll match your need to the best auto transport service you’ve ever experienced.

What Is The Cost of Salvaged Car Shipping?

The transportation of a damaged or broken vehicle requires a more involved transportation process. Special shipping tools and equipment are required to transport a salvaged car. As a result, the price is higher than transporting a vehicle in working order.

The longer the distance the vehicle will need to be transported, the higher the price will be.

Final Thoughts

Empire Auto Transportation offers a great salvaged cars shipping service with competitive prices and superior work of professionals. We provide our customers with a loyal price policy, as well as high-quality, reliable and fast shipping service.