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Dealer Car Transport

We know the hassle and frustration that people have to go through when they are getting vehicles transported. That’s the main reason why we have come up with an appropriate strategy to offer the best dealer to dealer auto transport and car shipping services for the people in need.

Our company has a clear understanding of car transportation. Therefore, you just need to let our experts handle your auto transport needs. We have been able to maintain a tremendous reputation throughout the past with our services as well. You will definitely be able to benefit from our experience and expertise.

Please contact us and explain what you want to get from the car dealer transport services that we offer. Then we will take appropriate steps in order to provide that service to you. We always make sure that the car dealer transport services we offer are safe and you will be able to get your vehicle to reach the destination without any hassle. The delivery will be done in a timely manner and your vehicle will arrive in an excellent condition.

Options for Dealership Auto Transport

We offer 2 options for you to choose from:

Open Vehicle Transport

Open Vehicle Transport

This is the most popular as well as the most affordable options for those who are going to ship cars to or from the dealership after an auction. With this car shipping service, your vehicle(s) will be exposed to any weather conditions.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Closed cargo shipping offers an excellent level of protection for your vehicle while it is being shipped. Using this service guarantees that your vehicle will be delivered in perfect condition.

How Much Does It Cost?


The best thing about car dealer transport services is that you are provided with the chance to negotiate the cost. However, you need to be careful to negotiate before you go for the trade. Otherwise, it will be too late for you to get the best possible price.

There is a single point of contact available for you to negotiate. Due to this reason, you will not come across a lot of difficulties when asking for the best price. This can also deliver a convenient experience to you when hunting for the best possible price. The dealer will locate the vehicle you need and you will be able to save a lot of time. On the other hand, you will be able to go for a quick service. That’s because the dealer is in a position to place the order quickly, then you go forward with a custom order.

How Long Does It Take?


The car dealer transport services will never take a lot of time. You will be able to get the job done faster than you’ll attempt to do on your own. Our company knows what needs to be done during the preparation stage. Hence, you will be able to get the car transported within a short period of time.

On the other hand, experience and expertise of the dealer car transport are in a position to help you with minimizing the overall expenses as well. Hence, you will definitely get the opportunity to receive a pleasant service without waiting for weeks. To get more information about the exact delivery dates, please go ahead and contact us.

Why Choose Our Services

The car transport dealer to dealer services offered by Empire Auto Transportation are quick and convenient. In the beginning, you will need to contact us and explain what your requirements are. Then we will provide you with an estimate. This estimate will not contain any hidden expenses. Therefore, you will be able to get started on preparing your budget. Then you can go ahead with the services that we will provide you with.

We are able to transport your vehicle anywhere. We are capable of handling a variety of vehicles and as a result we have been able to earn a reputation as a hassle-free shipping service provider. We have also received an excellent bunch of customer testimonials due to the high-quality service that we offer.