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Car Towing Service

Every driver should be well informed about car towing services and which company provides the best service. Car towing services are well-known among the most advanced drivers. Car towing services offer a quick and efficient solution to transporting a stranded vehicle from one location to another.

Even the newest car can break down. A myriad of incidents happen on the road every day. Car towing services are indispensable in road accidents that lead to an immobile car. Since nobody knows when the car breakdown may occur, everyone needs to be ready for it. We know that the last thing you want to deal with after an accident, is to wait hours for a tow truck. Whether it is an unfortunate accident, mechanical crash or any other unfortunate circumstance, our car towing providers are ready to help. We work hard to provide a reliable service 24/7. You’ll not only appreciate our high-quality work but also the professionalism and friendly support we provide.

What Do We Offer?

Everyone knows that the road difficulties happen every day. The problems can range from broken cars, technical issues, accidents and flat tires. The main task here is to find an operative and efficient solution. Our towing company aims to help you get out of your immediate mess. We are proud to have a team of professionals who care about their job. We are constantly working to improve our work and deliver an unforgettable car towing experience to our customers.

Full Container Load

It doesn’t matter what month of the year, week of the month or day of the week you need a tow. We are always ready to assist any time you need. We offer a short-distance as well as a long-distance car towing service.

Reliable Service

Whatever situation you find yourself in that requires towing, our drivers will come to your rescue.  With a great team of professionals and years of experience, we are always ready to handle the job.

Less than Container

We are able to tow any size vehicle whether it is a passenger vehicle or an 18-wheeler. Our trucks are well-maintained and clean. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to provide the safe and careful transportation of your vehicle to the new destination.

Whether you need your car towed just down the street or a much longer distance, we are ready to help. We offer long distance car towing service, providing our customers with whatever assistance they need. Whatever situation you find yourself in that
requires towing, our drivers will come to your rescue. We offer towing services not only for cars but also for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Empire Auto transportation is one of the most well-known and highly appreciated leading providers in the auto transport industry. We offer an excellent car towing service to our customers. Customers who have already used our services give us great feedback. We do not only offer quality towing car service and reasonable prices. We also embrace quality, fast and safe service to give a great towing experience that everyone deserves. Our goal is to get the job done well and ensure confidence in our reliable car towing service. With Empire Auto Transportation you can turn a stressful situation into an easy and carefree process. We’ll provide you with a reliable car towing service. Don’t worry about your car, just let our professional drivers get the job done.

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Stopped At The Traffic?

Pull over to the side of the road (out of traffic) and turn on the emergency lights

Call Empire Auto Transportation, lock your car door and stay in the car until our truck will arrive

If your car has broken on the road and you cannot pull over, turn on your emergency lights and stay in the vehicle until we arrive (to avoid traffic issues or possible dangers, like being hit by another car)

Contact us online to get more information or call 315-488-2523 for our emergency car towing service

Inform us about your current location

(pay attention to the surrounding buildings, cafes, markets or street signs near you)

Keep calm, and don’t panic! We’ll find you and tow your car to the necessary distance


Benefits Of Car Towing Service

Don’t become dejected and stranded the next time your vehicle will break. The one and only thing you need to do is to call out towing company for fast and reliable towing services. Our tow trucks can handle any size job. Our top priority is to transport your vehicle in the fastest and safest manner to the place you need.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. Having over 10 years of automotive experience our drivers are considered to be top-rated workers with an extensive knowledge of the industry. Day and night we have trained our professionals. That’s why our experienced workers are well-prepared for a variety of situations. As a result, we are well-known and highly respectable by our customers. Our collective work is aimed to reach only one purpose, — to help our customers in a friendly and polite manner. Success, safety, and reliability – is what our company offers.

Whether it’s an early morning, daytime, or the middle of the night, don’t worry. We provide top-quality service 24/7. So, we’re always ready to step in and lend a helping hand to get you off the road safely.

You can use our online quote calculator to get a free car shipping quote in a few seconds. We’ll review this quote and send you an answer in 30 min or less.

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