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open vs enclosed car shipping
04 May

Open VS Enclosed Car Shipping

When it comes to car transportation, three different ways appear. Your car may be relocated with the help of plane, ship or a truck. There is a noticeable difference between them. The price, time and quality of each way of car transportation are relatively different. The car transportation by a plane is the most expensive, while the shipping by a truck is the cheapest and the most accessible.

If you want to try out the last way of vehicle transportation, you have to make a choice between two major types of car shipping:

  • open-air car shipping;
  • enclosed car shipping

The information provided below gives the opportunity to have the vehicle shipped with peace of mind and success.

What Is Open Air Car Shipping?

Sometimes people ask themselves what actually open car shipping is. The answer is obvious. It is vehicle transit by a truck without any covering above. The truck hauls one or two-level trailer. Cars are placed on each level. By this option, your car will be not shielded from the outside elements. It will be also visible to other people during transit.

  • Pros

  1. Open auto transport is the standard option which  is a highly popular method of car shipping because of its reasonable price;
  2. It suits any vehicle type;
  3. It doesn’t matter your car size or height;
  4. You avert worries about wear and tear, fuel consumption and other details
  • Cons

  1. Your car is under the open sky, so it won’t be protected from natural road elements;
  2. There is no good protection against road debris and dust;
  3. You should book the service a few weeks in advance, not up to the last minute;
  4. The insurance does not cover the road hazards;
  5. Many stops.

There are three types of open car shipping:

  • Single-vehicle dually truck. Using this method you have only one car shipped. The car is transported with the help of a tow trailer. This type is often used for short-distance shipping.
  • One level multi-car truck. This option means shipping of several cars. It is usually used for shipping a high-end model, luxury, and sports vehicles.
  • Two level multi-car carrier. This type is the most common one. That’s why it is the most acceptable way of open car transportation. This option of auto shipping usually transports up to 10 automobiles. This one is used for both short-distance and long-distance shipping.

You Should Pay Heed Beforehand

You should be well-prepared for car shipping before the car shipping day will come.  Read the information below, to know all the important things which you should keep in mind. These tips will help you to protect your car and experience a smooth car shipping process.

  • You should have your car washed. The vehicle should be clean and tidy before professionals will come.
  • Take a list of all scratches and dents your car has (in a case, if a driver of the truck did not do it). Then ask the driver to sign the list. Make a copy of your records and send it to the car transport company.
  • In addition to your list, you can make some photos of the car from different angles.
  • Check the battery.
  • The tank should be less than half empty.
  • Put off the items which are located inside the car, if you do not want them to be damaged during shipping (insurance coverage does not cover it).

More detailed information is written on our site. Also, you can turn to the company employee for consultation or additional info.

What is Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed car transportation service is the way of transit vehicles in 4 walls in order to protect them from harm. It looks like a box with a number of cars inside. A cover carrier is the same size as an open one. However, a closed truck transports fewer cars than the open truck does. While a truck with the open air shipping transports up to 10 automobiles, an enclosed one can ship up to 8 cars. The reason for it is the material, walls which protect the vehicles. It takes up a lot of space.

  • Pros

  1. A perfect solution for shipping of exotic, expensive, antique and classic cars.
  2. Weather conditions have no effect on your vehicle.
  3. Protection from road dust and debris.
  4. There is no road hazard.
  5. Great option for newly painted cars.
  6. Great level of security.
  7. You do not have to book the service 2 weeks beforehand.
  8. Fewer stops.
  9. Faster transport.
  10. High level of security.
  • Cons

  1. Expensive service (at least 50% more expensive than open car shipping).
  2. Slower service.
  3. Fewer carriers.

There are only two ways of enclosed car transportation

  • Single vehicle enclosed shipping. A car is put in a trailer. There is only one automobile inside the trailer.
  • Multi auto covered shipping. There are from 2 to 8 cars inside the trailer. This type a bit cheaper than the first one.

Why is the Covered Service so Expensive?

Sometimes it seems strange. Why is open air shipping cheaper? There is a reasonable explanation for it.

  • High price — is high quality. Using this option you will be given high-quality service.
  • Trucks for enclosed shipping cost a lot. That’s why this option is not so accessible as an open car shipping.
  • “White glove” option included.


Now, you can make a right choice what type you should use: open or enclosed car shipping. Think about the pros and cons of each way of transportation. Take into consideration the time and money you are ready to spend. You can turn for help to our consultant or browse our website for more detailed information. Let us make shipping your car easier.

open air vs enclosed auto transport