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Luxury Car Transport
18 Feb

Luxury Car Transport

Luxury Car Transport

Let’s imagine that you just bought a luxury car. The problem is, you are far from your destination and there is a strong need to transport your vehicle. What should you do? The solution is to hire an exotic car transport company you can trust. In this blog post, we are going to dwell on the details concerning exotic car auto transport.

What Is Luxury Car Transport?

The process of transporting an exclusive car is a bit worrisome. Besides, there are different ways of transporting a car you should consider. Some companies offer closed car transportation while others offer transportation via open car carriers. The latter option is not that safe and there is a great threat to damage your car during the ride. Empire Auto Transportation provides high-quality services for exotic car transport

Advantages of transport your car from us:

  1. Dedicated Customer Service
  2. Individual Approach
  3. Door-to-Door Pick-Up Service
  4. Personalized Support
  5. Fully Insured Car Shipping Service

Things to Know About Shipping Classic and Luxurious Cars

Here are a few steps every car owner should do to make sure that his car was transported properly. 

  1. Make sure that the car tank is filled enough to get on and off the car carrier.
  2. Take a photo of your vehicle. You can use it as a reference in case of any damage to your car. 
  3. Note the car’s odometer. 
  4. Record the process of loading your car into the car carrier.
  5. Note the driver’s identification before having a car exotic transport.
  6. Verify the insurance details.

After your car being delivered to the destination, you should record the process of uploading your luxury car. The next step is to inspect the interior and check the odometer of your vehicle. If there are any damages and scratches, you can file a reimbursement claim.

Choosing A Company To Ship Your Luxury Car

Obviously, to transport a costly vehicle you need to take advantage of a reputable car shipping company. When choosing a car shipping company we recommend you follow these steps. 

  1. Surf the internet and research the companies you are interested in. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, we recommend you note the way the company responds to negative reviews. 
  2. Get a quote from companies you’ve found on the internet.
  3. Contact the representative of the company and ask whether their car carrier has all the licenses.
  4. Schedule the pickup of your luxury car.
  5. Again, ensure the credibility and trustworthiness on the company’s website.

Luxury Car Shipping Preparation

Before you ship a luxury car, you need to prove that the car is yours. That is why you should prepare these documents in advance: car registration information, bill of sale, the original title of the car, your ID, and proof of insurance. 

Experts recommend removing any personal items, outside accessories, and checking tire pressure, battery charge, fluids, and mileage before car shipment. Besides, the car owner has to lock up the car, but leave the keys to the transporting company.

Once you finished the inspection and sign the bill, that’s it!