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20 Jul

How to Remove Your Car From Long-Term Storage?

How to Remove Your Car From Long-Term Storage?

It happens that a driver needs to store his vehicle for a long period, due to different reasons. It may be a long-term vacation or a driver is going to be in the military and will be deployed overseas. Many cases force people to refer to long-term car storage.

After leaving your car for the long-term storage, you are most likely to face such problems as a dead battery and others. That’s why you need to know how to remove a car from storage in the right way in order to not make any damage to your lovely vehicle.

The article consists of several detailed steps that will provide you with the necessary information about removing a car from storage without damages and any kind of problems.

Step 1

Let some air in. As you know, because of long term storage a car was not properly aired. So, you need to get rid of the musty smell that most likely has appeared for that time. Open the window and let the fresh air in. If there are some mothballs in the car, it would be a good idea to get them out.

Step 2

Check out the battery. You need to do so in order to make sure that the connections and posts do not suffer from corrosion that can appear over time. There is another danger, for instance, a discharged battery. Battery or accumulator may discharge during the storage period. That’s why you need to check it out in order to avoid possible accidents on the road.

In the case of a dead battery, you should get a new one. In the final result, you need to have a fully charged battery.

Step 3

Check out the engine. Before you sit in your car, you should check some more parts of your car, and the engine is one of the most important car details you have to think. It does not matter whether you did anything to prepare your car for long-term car storage or not, your automobile is not protected from any kind of leaks or other damages. Of course, you needed to remove car battery for storage in advance, but it is not fatal in the case you’ve forgotten to do it beforehand.

Look over the belts and hoses. Make sure they are in good condition and not damaged. Moreover, you should check the dirt filters and change them if it is needed.

Step 4

Fluid levels. Make sure that the levels of coolant, oil, water, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and power-steering fluid are in a good state. If there is any need, add or change some of them. If one of the fluid levels is too low, look for puddles under your car. Most likely it leaks.

Step 5

Tire pressure. Also, you need to check out the pressure of your tires. If needed, get them back to the normal pressure.

Step 6

Windshield wipers. If your windshield wipers are removed, put them back on your car.

Step 7

Start the engine. Start your car engine and let it run for about 20 minutes. Because of the long-term car storage, your vehicle needs to warm up. Make sure there are no warning lights on your dashboard. If there is at least one, you need to fix the problem. Then you should check out the brake pedal. Be sure it feels as usual. Frequently, the brakes make noisy sounds after the long-term car storage. It is a sign of the accumulated rust on your car’s brake rotors. After a while, the noise will go away.

Step 8

Wash the vehicle. Make your car clear outsides. It does no matter whether you leave the automobile clear or dirt, it will definitely gain some dirt during the storage period. That’s why when you remove your car from storage, provide it with a thorough washing. Pay much attention to the underside, where the most dirt may be.

Step 9

Drive your car. Now, it is the right time to test your automobile. You should drive it for an hour or more in order to ensure that everything works well. Moreover, it will help your vehicle to get back up to the normal temperature. As you may know, the car temperature changes while a car is sitting in storage for an extended period. That’s why you need to drive the first 10 minutes slowly.


When you are going to remove your car from storage, you need to be aware of the different points that you need to think about. It is about charging the car battery, and, getting rid of the musty smell that most likely has appeared during long-term car storage. This article will help you to do your best and remove your vehicle without any kind of leaks or other damages. Try to follow the steps of this article and you will correctly remove your car. And do not worry about the unusual sounds. If you follow the steps correctly and check out everything we are stressing on, there will be no reason to worry about. Most likely those sounds are made by the accumulated rust on your car’s brake rotors. You may drive with a peace of mind.