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22 Jun

How to Transport a Motorcycle?

How to Transport a Motorcycle?

Whether you have already bought or just think about purchasing a new motorcycle, finding the transport to ship it is not the last thing you should carefully think about. So, you also need to have a clear image of the secure way to get your precious motorbike delivered to the place of its destination. And, in this case, it typically comes down to two types of people – the brave, attempting to tackle the motorcycle transport on their own, and those who’d like to make their life easier by turning to any of motorcycle transport companies. Thus, if you’d love to have a hassle-free motorbike delivery or, in other words, you do opt for motorcycle transport services, here is a bunch of tips for you to consider.

What Should You Do To Have Your Motorcycle Delivered?

  • Choose a shipping company

When it comes to shipping company options, there are too many offers to choose from, indeed. Your goal is to get a pretty good deal meeting your needs. Given that you are on a tight budget, for instance, you will be obviously seeking out low-cost options. Thus, you should get information on prices’ quotes to start with, so you will go with the best alternative. Keep in mind that the motorcycle transport price varies depending on the following factors: the distance that’s the length between a point of departure and a final destination, the size and weight of your motorbike and the shipping method (a type of shipping). Once you’ve already chosen your shipping company, you need to get in touch with them to settle all the details. By the way, mind that paying a deposit rather than an entire price at once is a far more reliable way to get things fixed in case something will go wrong.

  • Select your shipping method

As regards the shipping method, transport companies offer two most common options for you to pick out from – open and enclosed. And the basic difference between these two shipping methods is the price and the security level. When you opt for open shipping, you should bear in mind that no cover is provided during transit, subsequently, it is quite inappropriate for a long-distance transport and inclement weather conditions. Most people, however, do turn to this shipping method because of its affordability. As to the second one, enclosed shipping, your motorcycle will be loaded into an enclosed trailer, thereby an additional protection will be provided. The major benefit of the enclosed service is an increased level of security. Besides, people often go for this shipping method to keep their new purchase away from the public eye. So, in order to make the right choice, you should take into account the time of the year and the distance your motorcycle will travel.

  • You can go for the door-to-door shipping service as well

There are a handful of transport companies providing a door-to-door service. Although it usually requires you to pay more to deliver your motorcycle directly to your house, door-to-door service is quite beneficial. But you should keep in mind that the trucks are rather huge and long, thus they may not reach your residential area and you are likely to get your motorbike in the closest delivery point.

  • Check on the insurance

The insurance on your motorcycle during transit is one of the most important factors not to overlook before collaborating with any of shipping companies. Every motorcycle transport company is supposed to have insurance in case something goes wrong, namely any kind of damage or theft. Hence, no matter how reputable the company may be, it’s advisable that you should back up. If the shipping company you have chosen provides no insurance, you should rather look out some other options.

  • Look at the motorcycle condition upon delivery

Once you have got your motorcycle, don’t rush to sign a delivery agreement. Take some minutes to inspect your motorcycle. Regardless of the fact, that, in most cases, a customer obtains their motorcycle in sound condition, you should double check on it. So, if you happen to see any dents or scratches, report them to your shipping company to settle all the details. It’s advisable that you take photos of the damage to justify your claim.

Depending on the transport company services you have chosen, you might have to prepare your motorbike for shipping on your own. And there is a range of points to be taken into account:

  • Wash your motorcycle thoroughly and carefully empty out the under-seat storage.
  • Point old scratches, dents, and nicks and take pictures of the existing damage if there is any. Take care of filling in the so-called inspection report before delegating your motorbike to the shipping company so that you can describe the current condition of your motorcycle.
  • Make sure there are no fuel leaks.
  • Put your motorcycle in neutral to prevent any internal damage while in transit.
  • Sometimes it’s advisable that you jot down the mechanical issues if there are any.
  • Double-check that all tires are inflated.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Motorcycle?

When it comes to the motorcycle transport calculation, there is actually no definite answer to be found. And the reason for that is a number of different factors to be taken into account. Overall, the price may vary from few hundreds up to $2000, since the distance, shipping method, size, weight along with the model of your motorcycle all along affect the total cost.

  • Distance

It’s quite understandable that the longer distance between a point of departure and a final destination the higher total cost comes out. For instance, the interstate shipping will set you back less than the transport of your motorcycle overseas.

  • Shipping method

Most people are pretty fussy about choosing the shipping method as it considerably affects the price. Hence, keep in mind, that the enclosed shipping ensuring an increased level of security will always have you pay more as compared to the open shipping.

  • Size, weight, model

The dimensions and model of your motorbike directly affect the total transport cost, since a bigger motorcycle requires additional preparations before shipping in comparison with a smaller one.

How Long Does It Take to Transport a Motorcycle?

In terms of the time frame, a range of elements has an influence on the actual delivery time. The shipping time typically takes 3-14 days, but, then again, it varies depending upon certain factors.

First of all, the delivery time is considerably determined by the distance your motorcycle will travel. For instance, the interstate transit obviously takes up way less time whereas the cross-country shipping may drag on for 8-12 days. Another thing you should consider is the time of year since inclement weather conditions are more likely to slow down the motorcycle transit. Thus, in most cases, delays occur according to the weather. Furthermore, on-road conditions are not the last thing to take into account, because nothing other than poor road conditions may cause delays. Besides, excessive traffic may also refer to other unexpected challenges.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Shipping Service?

While seeking out an appropriate motorcycle shipping company customers usually imply, first of all, convenience going in hand with affordability and reliability. The business ethics of our company, Empire Auto Transportation, is based on these three core values going along with a bunch of other advantages meeting our customer’s expectations. With Empire Auto Transportation you are sure to get a high-quality service and have your motorcycle delivered safe and sound.

  • Fully insured motorcycle shipping service. Empire Auto Transportation is a team of highly-qualified professionals providing a fully insured motorcycle shipping service that serves as the additional guaranty to our customers as regards to the further collaboration.
  • Providing a door-to-door pick-up service. In general, there is a low number of transport companies ensuring a door-to-door shipping that keeps on bringing positive feedbacks from our customers, since having your motorcycle delivered directly to your house or, at least, in your residential area is rather convenient.
  • Long-term experience in the market. We keep on holding top positions in the transport industry for over 10 years along with thousands of successful transports and satisfied customers.
  • Timely delivery. We are responsible for your motorcycle from the pick-up moment, and delivering it on time is our foremost priority. Thus, you may be certain about having your motorbike brought at the specified time.
  • Safe transport. No gained scratches, dents or nicks during transit are ever possible. Our professionals have got all the necessary equipment to securely strap your motorcycle to avoid potential damages.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you decide to turn to any of the motorcycle transport companies, you will be certain that your precious motorbike will be delivered safe and sound. The process of choosing an appropriate shipping company is quite easy when correctly approached. Before you’ll choose the desirable transport company, you need to check on price quotes, make sure that the insurance is provided, and, finally, choose a shipping method. All further details are settled with each company individually. With the motorcycle transport company, your motorbike delivery will be a piece of cake. Hence, when you may need to get you motorbike transported, don’t hesitate to turn to the motorcycle shipping company for assistance!