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Car Decal
18 Nov

How to Take Off Car Decals

How to Take Off Car Decals

Car decals are stickers used to show other drivers some sort of information. It works perfectly as a sort of moving advertisement on all types of vehicles. Besides, some people use car decals to show support for a certain political party, demonstrate the college spirit, or a logo of the company they work with. No matter what is the purpose, car decals are extremely popular among drivers all around the globe. 

After some period strikers fade and become less attractive. And there is no way for you but to take away the adhesive. And then, the problems come, because it is not that easy to do not to cause serious damage to the paint.

Fortunately, there are some useful tips to make the sticker vanish without many efforts. So, follow these tips, and you will see the effective and safe result in a few minutes.

Spray water or window cleaner on the car decal.

Before you start pulling up the sticker, you need to make sure that the car surface is clean. The thing is, some sands or grit that stick to your car may damage the paint during the process of taking off the old decal. So, clean your car on your own or visit a car wash before you start. 

Heat it up.

The next thing you have to do to successfully release the car decal is to warm it. With the help of a hairdryer, it won’t be difficult for you. It is important to heat the sticker for at least three minutes until it starts to stick off the surface. 

If it happens, that there is no hairdryer in your home, you can use the hot water. Just pour boiled water on the car decal several times and make sure that you won’t harm yourself because it is really dangerous. Besides, some people also recommend using a heat gun to warm the decal, but it may become too hot and cause damage to your car.

Peel off the decal

Do not waste time after you heated the decal. You need a plastic instrument to scrape up under the sticker on your vehicle. Keep in mind, you should avoid using metal or sharp objects that can easily damage the paint. The best thing to use is a credit card because it is strong enough and there won’t be any difficulty to find it in your wallet. 

Use vinegar to remove the glue.

Probably, once the car decal is off, you may still have some signs of glue. To remove the glue residue you need to pour some white distilled vinegar on the cloth and let it absorb. Wait for a few minutes and repeat the procedure again if there would be a need to come off the rest of the glue. 

Clean the dirty place.

After you finished the procedure, you should make sure that there is no grit on the vehicle, so that you can wax your car to prevent it from future damage.