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04 Nov

How To Ship A Car If You Are In Military?

How To Ship A Car If You Are In Military?

If you serve in the army, you have a high chance of receiving the PCS (interstate transfer). We will tell you more about how military car shipping works.

For you, such a transfer may be either the first time you move or have already had this experience of moving from one state to another. In any case, the process of transporting a car for a person serving in the army has some peculiarities, so to avoid all possible problems and nuances, we will analyze the main details of the military car shipping program in this article.

The Basics of Military Car Shipping

When talking about the things you need to pay attention to at the beginning of the military pcs vehicle shipping process, you need to talk about the perfect and reliable auto transport company. You would need it if you received the international transfer so that the company will consult you with all the questions about the process of shipping. One important note is that if you need shipping outside the U. S., there will be an additional need to contact with local transportation office. Also, do not worry about the prices because the U.S. government pays the entire cost for military car shipping for OCONUS moves.

Shipping a Car in PCS

The whole different thing is the military pcs car shipping because it involves some other important cases in which the shipping will or will not cost you some money. When there is a PCS order, you will be responsible for paying the entire cost, but there are exclusions. If you are medically unfit to drive, were not given enough time to drive, or have no home port change, the military will pay the bills. Also, this works in situations when the service member is retiring.

The Cost of Military Car Shipping

Of course, military car shipping is expensive, but there are a lot of details that you can pay attention to so that you will save some money. The price always depends on:

  •  the distance between the point of pickup and destination;
  • the type of transport your car will be shipped with;
  • the weight and the measurements of the vehicle;
  • the type of protection your car will receive. 

You can always pay less if you choose the shipping in the open carrier than, for example, in the enclosed truck. However, the second option is safer. Consult with the best car shipping company for the military you can find.

Car Transport with an Additional Baggage

The most common question that appears in every military car shipping company is about the additional baggage and the possibility to transport it in the car while shipping. Here is the answer: if you are a part of an OCONUS transfer, there is a possibility to transfer the baggage, but only if the car is shipped in a sole-use cargo container. In the case of domestic military car shipping, there is a possibility to keep a box with stuff, but only if it weighs below 100 pounds. Although, it would be better not to leave valuable things in the car.