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19 Jul

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long-Term Storage?

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long-Term Storage?

Most of us use a car every day. It has become a part of our everyday life. People use a car for work or for personal needs. Some people do not part with the car even for a day. Others people just use it one time a weak. But it does not matter. The thing is that every person comes the time when there is a need to leave the car for a certain period. There are a lot of reasons for example holidays or a business trip. Many people just do not know what to do and how to prepare a car for a long-term storage. Some people find it a big problem. However, do not worry, you just need to prepare your car for that.

How to Prepare a Car for a Long-Term Storage In the Right Way?

First of all the car should be clean and dry. Moreover, it is not recommended to close immediately the garage after the car was washed. You need to give time to evaporate water that hit inside your car. Particular attention should be paid to the interior of a car. Any piece of food or plant residues can become a source of growth of fungi and mold. It can also cause a bad smell. That is why your car must be completely clean.

Besides, do not forget about the exterior. You need to wash and wax it. This is necessary to clean the underside of your car to avoid rust formation. Do not forget to clean the windows of your car.

Some people use a parking brake. But this is a bad idea. If you leave a car for a long-term storage this may be a very big risk. Brake pads and rotors might fuse and it can lead to breakage. However, there is another solution. You just need to buy a tire stopper. It will prevent a car from moving.

Separately you need to pay attention to the preparation of the garage. The room should be clean and dry – an optimum humidity of 50%. If the garage is raw, then high humidity will provoke corrosion processes throughout the car, and then it is best to leave a car outdoor. To avoid this problem you can use the dehumidifier. It is a good way to control or maintain humidity. Besides you need to think about rodents in a garage. This is not good for your car. Rodents in a garage can cause a lot of problems, for example in hungry winter time they can include wiring in your diet or just use the car as a home.

So if you have the opportunity then keep your car in a garage. This is safer than just to leave it outdoors. First of all, it will protect your car from weather conditions. Secondly, it will protect the car from hooligans and criminal actions. But if you do not have a garage then try to solve this problem in others ways. You can look for a garage near your home for a small fee. You will pay a small sum but you will be calm in your car. Moreover, in such a situation you can ask for help from your relatives or friends. You can ask them about a garage. But do not forget that your main task is to choose a clean and dry garage for your car.

Another important thing is to change the oil. You can do it yourself or ask the local mechanic to do it for you. Also, fill in a full tank of fuel that will leave less space for condensation.
If the car will remain idle for several months, then you need to remove the battery. So you need to disconnect the battery to avoid battery failure. If possible, the battery should be stored in a cool dry room with a stable temperature (but not in a living room). If your friends or relatives can charge the battery when you are absent, it can be left in place. You can ask your friends to help you with it. They can come and recharge the battery every 2 weeks. It would also be nice if they drive a bit in your car.

How to Back the Car On the Road?

When you return home from a business trip or travel, you need a car again. After a long-term storage, you need to do a lot of checks. You can do it yourself or to ask a mechanic. First of all, you need to check tires. You must pay particular attention to checking the brakes. If the battery has been disconnected then connect it again. If the battery is on the place then just charge it. So you need to check your car very carefully. It is better to check the car in the auto mechanic after a long-term storage. Of course, you will pay money for that but you will be safe. Obviously, it will not be such a big sum. Undoubtedly, safety is more important than money.


So, now you know how to prepare your car for a long-term storage. The preparation before a long-term storage is very important and you cannot forget about that. A long-term storage can have a bad influence on your car if you do not do it in the appropriate way. Besides important is the careful checking before taking your car on the road. To be a car driver is a very responsible business because you are responsible not only for your safety but also for the safety of other drivers and their passengers. So do not forget about that. Be good, and careful driver and then you will meet the same people on the road. Remember this golden rule and be a responsible driver.