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how to choose car shipping company
04 May

How to Choose Car Shipping Company?

How to Choose Car Shipping Company?

It is hard to find a good shipping company, but observing some not tricky steps may reduce the risk of being fooled. Moreover, if the point of the question is your car. Most likely, the issue is to make the decision in a short time, so you need to act quickly. But please, don’t hurry up. The process of choosing the perfect service requires some time. Solutions that we offer, you may read below.

Don’t Look For Cheap Shipping Company

This method is similar to the deceitful construction contractors’ practice on clients. Firstly, they are making you sure the price will be low but after that, some unexpected expenses will suddenly appear. So, do not automatically go with the lowest cost. All things considered, it is better to choose a reliable shipping company that has a higher starting price.

Do Your Own Research

The right way to find a trustworthy car shipping company is to do some research on the internet. If you know people that have transported their vehicles before, ask them for contacts of car shipping company. In case you buy a car from traders, they probably know an automobile transport company, they use on a regular basis. Or if you are relocating your home, ask workers of your moving company if they can recommend any transportation firm. All these methods are effective to find a proficient shipping company.

  • Notably, visit the company’s website and make sure that it has all the options you need;
  • Exclude companies which don’t offer services you need;
  • Most likely all auto transport companies are supposed to be registered in the United States Department of Transportation. You may do a quick research using company’s name.

Go Directly to the Website for a Quote

     While surfing the internet in search of the car shipping company, don’t forget about using keywords like “transporting” and “shipping”. The given words may be a helpful instrument to find a reputable one. If you do it, the next step will be requesting a quote on the car shipping company’s website.  

Don’t Sign a Contract

     The thing is that good shipping company doesn’t use contracts. The given deal is used to protect the firm, but not the client. Also, the main reason for signing a contract is to defend the company from any vehicle destruction and to keep the customers’ upfront deposit (even if the car wasn’t shipped). This issue can help you to avoid scam shipping companies, by knowing the down payment process described below.

Don’t Give a Deposit

When a company representative asks for the deposit before shipping, it may be a bad sign. But, of course, there are exceptions. Some reliable shipping companies collect full transporting price after a client has made an order or when the pickup date was confirmed. Be careful with the deposit, if you don’t want to be fooled by somebody.

Annalise the Reputation of the Company

Without any doubts, you want to make sure that your car will be treated as own while shipping. For sure, good transport agency will not try force you to make an immediate decision, comparing to a deceptive one. Also, checking the reviews is a reliable way for you to find out if the company has a good name.

Check for Valid Insurance

First of all, check your own car insurance to get to know whether your car is insured during the transportation. Moreover, it is always wise to check whether shipping firm has valid insurance certificate or not.

  • Importantly, the insurance does not cover interior
  • Thus, it is better to take out those items that can break (removable electronics) or can cause scratches inside (extra change, equipment etc.) Doing this you will lower the risk of damages or even avoid them at all.


     Above all, getting a vehicle across the country or even overseas can be considered as a very problematical process. In spite of this, you have at least 3 possible variants to choose from. The first two: drive your car by yourself or let somebody do it for you. But if you have decided to take advantage of the car shipping company’s services it can be quite difficult to find a reliable one. Despite this, using all the tips mentioned above, you can be sure that you’ll successfully deal with any kind of car shipping problem.