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car shipping scams
15 May

How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

When you are looking for a good vehicle shipping company, you are risking to get caught by a fraud. There are lots of auto transport scams, which have a goal to make a quick buck due to luring more new customers (who are not aware of the danger). In recent years fraud cases have increased hastily. So, how can you protect yourself from car shipping scams? Here are some tips which will help you to succeed and avoid shipping scams.

Familiarity With a Site

Remember about the first impression. You should look through the site of the chosen company carefully. Pay attention to the grammar mistakes and the quality of content. Respectable companies, which want to make a good impression, intend to arrange the websites at their best. Sometimes, typos, having not a big deal may happen, but the company’s employees have to fix all the errors as soon as possible.

Verify the Company’s Number

You need to pay attention to the mentioned number on the site. It is compulsory to check it. Call the number to make sure. If there is no telephone number, it seems very suspiciously. In fact, the phone usage is one of the cheapest ways of communication.

At any rate, the company phone number may be available when you ask about it. So, here our advice is to make sure that the company has a number that is real.

If you get a refusal on your request to get the company’s number, you should ask about the ways of communication. It looks like a strange tale, which doesn’t give any confidence. However, if there is an opportunity to meet one of the company’s representatives, — make use of it.

Go Through a Review

This point is about looking through reviews and making your own decision, concerning the chosen company. So, before hiring car shipping company, you need to read some testimonials, which were written by other clients, on the site of the car shipping company you are going to hire. It is very useful, as well as important, especially if you want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of the services, offered by the auto transport company. In case you notice lots of positive reviews, and none of the negative ones, — it may be a fraud. Every successful company has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why it is normal to find not only positive but also negative testimonials.

Check the Mail Address

For customers’ convenience, mail addresses are left on the sites. But, if there is no mail there, you should ask about it. Then, check the given mail address. In most cases, lots of vehicle shipping companies prefer to send messages on emails, not call every time. So, you’ll get an enormous content or vice versa, — very short message. This is very comfortable because a short message will give you all the info concerning your car location.

Most shipping company scams reflect on the importance of the presence of the company’s mail address. Well, here you may find out whether it is a fraud or not. This small detail will help you to avert the car shipping frauds.

Payment-Related Questions

Here, such points as hasty and inconsiderate customer’s choice should be mentioned. You will agree with the fact that everyone is choosing the cheapest carrier. Moreover, the low price is in the top priority. As a result, people whose top priorities are these criteria, risk of being deceived.

When it comes to payment issues, you must take into consideration the information below:

  • Price of the whole work;
  • Ways of service’s payment;
  • Payment periods;
  • Extra fees;
  • Hidden payments;
  • Hidden fees.

If you are asked to pay the bigger part of the whole price in advance, — don’t worry. It is not strange or suspicious. However, if you are demanded to send the whole payment before the shipping process, it should alert you immediately.

The car shipping process needs confidence on both the sides (you have to trust and the chosen company has to). That’s why the issues on the price must be agreed by both of the sides.

Scrutinize the Agreement

At the end of our list of tips, we convince you to look through the contract. It is essential to familiarize yourself with every detail. Pay attention to the points which are written in small print.

Furthermore, do not forget about the insurance and the guarantee. You should know what to expect in the cases of emergency. It’s in your best interests, also.


It is a really difficult task to find a good and reputable vehicle transport company and not to get caught in a scam. However, following our instructions you will better protect yourself from any possible car shipping scam. Take it easy and keep in mind that there should be no place for the stinginess. Choose the best company, so that you will experience a smooth and care-free car shipping experience. Here is Empire Auto Transportation which is always ready to help you. Contact us for more detailed information. We promise you we’ll do our best to provide you with the high-quality service.