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exotic car shipping
11 Oct

Exotic Car Transportation Tips

Exotic Car Transportation Tips

It is very cool to be an owner of one of the exotic cars such as McClarens, Lamborghini or Porsche. Undoubtedly, if you are an owner of an exotic car, you will get all the appreciative nods and smiles in the streets when you will drive pass. Looking at it in your garage will always make you satisfied and happy. Besides the well-known fact that exotic cars are really expensive, you will get to face with the other problem ̶ shipping service. Exotic car shipping is expensive because the cars to be shipped are very princely and always touch the six figure so it makes shipping expensive and not suitable for every shipping service provided out there. If you are an owner of one of the exotic cars and you have to ship it, you need to take into consideration some precautions while transporting a very valuable car.

Whether you are the one buying or you want to sell or simply relocating one, all exotic car owners have to do some shipping at some point. To understand exotic car shipping, you need to know some exotic car transportation tips.

What Is an Exotic Car?

Just for the benefit of the doubt, let us look at this. An exotic car is a high performance, high end, luxury car. They’re always highly customized and equipped with features and accessories that are not commonly found in cars produced massively. Many exotic cars are a prototype and experimental vehicles manufactured only in small numbers for a limited time. Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Bugatti -most of these cars hit the six digit.

The Basic of Exotic Car Transportation

To know what carrier to choose is one of the most important aspects of any exotic car shipping. Most cars are transported on open car transportation trucks. That should not be surprising. Exotic cars are shipped through enclosed exotic car carriers and this is what you should be looking for whenever you want to ship. Open haulers can’t ship better and protect better than enclosed carriers, though they are cheaper and can be easily found. But they won’t offer you the required protection and the annoying thing about them is that you might have to wait for a very long time. Enclosed exotic car carriers protect the car from rain or hail that can otherwise damage the vehicle.

An Enclosed exotic car carrier may be an expensive choice but it is the best as it will offer you the security needed to protect the car from external damages. But anyway, paying for the shipping of a car hitting the six figure should not be any problem.

Know Certain Things about Exotic Car Transportation Services

When looking for an exotic car carrier which normally won’t be a problem, do bear in mind that getting exotic car shipping services will take most of your time. This is just for the fact that they are not highly demanded like the other normal haulers. They are not as useful for exotic cars as enclosed carriers.

Do give yourself the time necessary to get exotic car carrier to provide the safety of your car. If you think you are running out of time, then find a shipper to handle that for you. You should not be afraid to spend a bit more to protect your car. Just the wrong move and value is ripped off of your car. Minor damages on exotic cars can cost thousands of dollars to repair. So, with exotic car shipping services, enclosed transportation is advisable.

How to Choose a Shipper for Your Exotic Car?

Now when you have finally decided to use a transport car company, you have to know these important tips:

  • To ship an exotic car will be costlier than the generic car shipping. However, the price is worth it because you will be certain of the security and protection of your car during transportation.
  • Make sure that the company that is going to transport your car has an adequate insurance protection to cover accidental damages during the transit. You know very well that your exotic car is a very important asset.
  • Make sure that your car will be transported by the same company the entire distance of transportation before you entrust your exotic car to a professional shipping company. Auto shipping companies often work in partnership and might hand over your exotic car to another company to continue to the destination especially when the distance is far.
  • Consider talking with your insurance company to see if they can extend coverage for the vehicle during transit. For anyone interested in exotic car transportation or even classic car transportation, getting additional protection is a very good idea because the company transporting your exotic car might have an inadequate insurance coverage.


Owning an exotic car can be pleasurable and driving it can be very exciting. But transporting them can be a whole lot of stress. All the process – from looking for an exotic car shipping service to looking for an exotic car transportation company – is very important. It is a whole lot of stress but you can easily bypass this and avoid all the stress by simply hiring an exotic car transportation firm to do the stressful job for you.