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03 Aug

Dos And Don’ts Of Shipping A Motorcycle

Dos And Don’ts Of Shipping A Motorcycle

Whether you are planning to travel for a long time or moving to another country or state – in both cases, shipping a motorcycle will be a brilliant idea. Why? Well, it is more proper to ship your motorcycle rather than rent one in a new place. However, there are some tips – dos and don’ts in other words – you should know before moving your motorbike, so let’s find out about them.

Dos of shipping a motorcycle

Do choose a reliable one among other motorcycle shipping companies

Applying to a reliable shipping company is the very first thing you need to consider before a shipping day. Your carrier will be responsible for the safety of your vehicle as well as the duration of delivery and other specific services. So, if you are planning to move a bike, acquaint yourself with the shipping company’s reviews.

Do get familiar with the available services and cost

To avoid some extra payment, find out the exact motorcycle shipping cost and access to additional services. You need to know exactly what you are paying – an online shipping cost calculator will be a great helper during shipping a bike.

Do prepare a motorbike for the shipping

Preparing a vehicle for a shipping day is a key to success. You have to clean and wash a bike, take photos of pre-existing damages, fill a tank half and remove any electronics. Keep in mind that some carriers will require you to bring your motorcycle to their warehouse.

Do choose a suitable type of delivery

Shipping a motorcycle across the country is usually laying on truck transportation. Although, if it comes to moving a bike for a long-distance, you need to consider the right type of delivery – sea or air. Remember that air carriage goes for the higher prices and a shorter time of delivery, and the sea transportation conversely will be cheaper, but you will have to wait at least one month.

Don’ts of shipping a motorcycle

Don`t refer to the cheapest motorcycle shipping

If a carrier offers you a cheap price for a shipping motorcycle, it doesn’t always mean that you will get a high-quality delivery. Pay attention that shipping a motorbike is always a little bit expensive task to complete, so be ready to pay some more, but at the same time make sure your motorbike will come safely.

Don’t ship a bike if you are going to have a trip for a few days

Whether you are planning to have a trip for around a week, moving your motorcycle won’t be a good idea since it probably won’t be delivered on time. Additionally, renting a bike for a few days during your traveling will be a more cost-effective way to ensure yourself a comfortable vehicle. Anyway, the cost of shipping a bike will be much higher than renting a motorcycle locally.