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types of car transport
04 May

Different Types of Car Transport

Different Types of Car Transport

These days, there are no problems with transporting any of the existing vehicles. The companies provide various range of trailers and trucks in order to deliver your car from point A to point B. All you have to do is decide, which type of delivering will suit your requests.

The following list of types of car transport will be useful for you while choosing the right variant of transporting.


A container can carry one or two cars maximum. Transporting in this truck ensure the best protection from external elements, but you will have to pay more. The high price depends on loading and unloading of the cars, better care and so on. On the other hand, you will get your car faster, unlike delivering in other type of car transport.

Tow trailer

It is another great variant to deliver your car quickly. This trailer designed for one or two vehicles, and it is attached to the back of the truck, which is more convenient. This type of delivering is quite cheap as well.

Single level tractor trailer

If you have a large vehicle, like SUV or jeep, this car transport will be the best solution for you. The main benefit of the single level tractor trailer is that it is designed for vehicles with non-standard sizes.

Multi-level tractor trailer

This type of trailer holds several cars. Multi-level tractor trailer is the most expedient and effective way to deliver. But there is a probability to multiple unloading. This way, be sure that any precious items were removed from the car. It’s just a precaution before the transporting.

Driver delivery

Use a driver delivery in order to get your car in safety. In fact, there are numerous transporting and shipping companies, which provide quality transportation services. All you have to do is make a list of your requests, included distance, duration of transporting, timeframe, professionalism of drivers, and choose the most suitable variant for you.

How to choose the best car transport?

Different types of car trucks are administrated for different types of car. Whether you have luxury, rare or antique car, the best variant for you is enclosed transport, like container. This method of transportation is the most expensive and the most safe. For you to know, an enclosed car transport provide the best protection from any external factors.

However, the open air transport is used in most cases. Actually, it is the most common method of car shipment. Open transportation ensure convenient and cheaper car shipping, that’s why the majority of clients prefers this type of transportation.

Single level tractor trailer is also a rare solution, because of its high price and difficulties with transportation over long distances. Using this variant may cause problems with shipment planning as well.

Choice between various types of car transport completely depends on you and your needs. Think twice before the shipping, whether you are ready to pay more or not. Click here to get more information about transportation using different types of car trucks.