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car shipping mistakes
16 Mar

Car Shipping Mistakes

Car Shipping Mistakes

Nowadays, there is a wide range of companies ready to ship your vehicle across the country. While all of them serve the same purpose, there might be some differences in service quality and mistakes to avoid when shipping your car. Read on to figure out what are they. 

Don’t overpay

The exact cost for car shipping services varies from company to company. What is more, the charge may change depending on the type of service you want. In order not to pay too much money, you should make sure that every single detail is clear for you and there are no hidden costs in your final check. 

Check out the information about the car shipping company

Every single car shipping company should be registered with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These organizations provide auto transporters with unique registration numbers. You can ask them to give you the number to check whether this company is a trustworthy one. 

Do not rely on verbal statements and promises without making sure the company has MC or DoT number. Furthermore, it is always a great idea to ask for references. Be sure, previous clients will help you to complete peace of mind. 

Be present for the delivery of your vehicle

As a result of wrong relocation planning, your vehicle may be delivered before you arrive. In this case, there would be nobody to check the condition of the vehicle, the scratches or damages of your car during the transportation. All you need is to supervise the whole process and make sure you agree on the delivery time with the car shipping company.

Pay for car moving insurance

Lack of insurance is one of the most common car shipping mistakes you should avoid. No matter how much does your car cost, you should have insurance. The thing is, there are many accidents on the road. So, don’t risk and make sure that you won’t get into financial troubles.

You can also ask to see a copy of the certificate to make things clear what coverage to expect while moving to a new destination. In fact, it is possible to get coverage from your own insurance company as well.

Remove the personal items out of your vehicle

Some people consider it as a good idea to load up the car with a couple of things not to move them by themselves. But, you should keep in mind, that the car shipping carrier can refuse to transport your vehicle. It is due to the fact that the car shipping companies are prohibited by law from transporting any household appliances. Of course, some companies agree to transport some items inside your car. However, you would be the one responsible for damaging the stuff inside your car and the body of the car as well.

Besides, the vehicle shipping company is prone to be inspected by the Department of Transportation. They could actually confiscate all of your personal belongings.