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03 Jan

Auto Transport Cost: How Can You Save?

Auto Transport Cost: How Can You Save?

Many people think driving a car by themselves is the cheapest way to transport it, but the truth is that the number of costs for fuel, hotels, and food can turn out many times higher than using services of car shipping companies. The reliable auto transport company will take responsibility for delivering a vehicle to your doors and keep your mind calm. If you plan to move your car and save some dollars in your pocket, here are several ways to save money shipping a vehicle.

Why are some auto transport companies more expensive than others?

Car shipping prices often vary from service to service, depending on a range of significant factors. Typically, carriers consider factors like distance, car’s size, and time of the year to determine the final cost. Apart from that, the bidding process might also influence the payment for car shipping. If you use the services of auto transport brokers, they are likely to connect you with carriers that bid on your request. Then, brokers will offer you pages with the most affordable prices. You can receive the better cost some days and higher prices other days.

Is it possible to save on the cost of an auto transport?

If you are looking for the cheapest way to move your car, some recommendations are: 

  1. Ship your vehicle at the right time of the year, and refer to the open car transport instead of an enclosed one. 
  2. Try to find an auto transport service with the lowest quotes, but pay your attention to the company’s reputation in the market and customer satisfaction and transparency. 
  3. Avoid urgent auto-shipment and door-to-door car shipping services.

Tips to save money on auto transport

1. Choose terminal-to-terminal transporting

There are usually two options to choose from while car shipping – door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transportation. If you are looking for the most affordable car shipping company, ensure you have selected a terminal-to-terminal option since door-to-door is typically more expensive. You will have to drive your car to and from the designed terminals before and after car delivery, but you can save some funds here. The essential rule is to avoid leaving a vehicle in an airport for too long as you might receive daily storage fees.

2. Be flexible with your pickup and drop-off dates

While multiple car carriers will offer you selecting pickup and drop-off dates, ask for the cheaper solutions. If picking a vehicle up or dropping it off on a different day is essential, affordable car shipping services are likely to give you a discount.

3. Choose open transport

Remember that enclosed car transportation is typically 50% more expensive than an open one, so if protection from external factors doesn’t make sense for you, choose an open trailer for car shipping. The affordable car shipping companies tend to advise you to use open trailers if you look for the most cost-effective way to transport.