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Auto Transport Myths
19 Oct

6 Common Auto Transport Myths

6 Common Auto Transport Myths

You must need the auto transport service if you search for more information about auto transportation services. For some reason, most do not consider the car transporter interesting enough to study. However, this article will prove the opposite by telling you unexpected information about auto transport, which will hit the bull’s eye and grab your attention.

Here, we are going to explore the facts and myths about this method of shipping vehicles. We’ll compare and discuss them together! So, the myths will be as follows:

1. Driving your vehicle is cheaper than shipping it

An absolute fiction! Surprisingly, it is much cheaper to take advantage of transportation services provided by a reputable auto transport company. What is more, in terms of security, you can not worry as well. If you still consider it sheer nonsense, think about spends on food, accommodation, gasoline, and maybe repairing a vehicle. In addition, you will most likely have to coordinate the time with your superiors and explain why you are not at work, which is also an additional loss of income per day. As for auto transporters, they usually drive trucks, protect your car from damage, know the shortest way to the right place, and so on.

2. One can only ship the car if it runs

There is a prejudice among customers that reliable auto transport does not deliver a non-working personal vehicle or one that does not work well enough.

Of course, handling such problematic equipment will be much more difficult for workers using additional transport for delivery, load and unload huge weights, use special equipment. Therefore it will cost you a little more than usual. However, it is unclear who and when came up with the idea that no one would transport that car.

3. Always look for the lowest price

Never forget that the advice to go to the cheapest auto transport is not the best idea. Yes, it would help if you considered many options, look for the most profitable and convenient ones. But at the same time, do not get fooled by too spectacular proposals because, as a rule, they are fiction. At the end of the transportation, the client is most likely required to pay an additional payment and an unexpected, unforeseen invoice. Moreover, such companies focus on earnings and worry little about employers’ nerves and the safety of cars.

4. Your quote is dependent on transport distance

The fact that distance influence the cost of transportation is true. If you drive a short distance, the price per mile will be considered higher than traveling on a long trip. But at the same time, note that this factor is not the only one that affects the service price.

The transport, season, weather conditions, and terrain features and characteristics play a significant role.

Besides, every car owner should mind the accessibility of the place of delivery and special requirements regarding the date of receipt of the car.

5. Reading auto transport customer reviews is a waste of time

It is necessary to learn more about a product or service. After all, you listen to the advice of your friends, colleagues, and family on various occasions, so why not listen to the feedback of other people.

Not all companies are trustworthy and provide good services to their customers. Some cheats on hidden payments. Others have problems with the accuracy during delivery, and so on.

Reviews are essential, both good and bad. So, look for a service provider with a lot of consistent appraisals.