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03 Jan

5 Tips For Best Auto Transport Service

5 Tips For Best Auto Transport Service

If you move to another state or change your workplace, car transportation is irreplaceable. It is not wise to rely on the lowest car shipping rate when shipping your car. In contrast, your vehicle should come to you protected, so the critical rule remains you get what you pay for. Do your research before planning to ship a car, and discover customers` reviews to consider which transport auto service is better to choose. Today, we will introduce you to the five essential tips to make sure you work with the best auto transport service company.

Tips for auto transport service

#1 Never pay a deposit fee

The best-rated auto transport service is not going to require any deposit fees. A deposit might be an actual trap for customers since once an owner has put money down on a booking for a carrier, they might face fraud. With no deposit, a customer is free to cancel car shipping at any suitable time without hurting a credit.

#2 Book early

The key to success while car shipping is booking a delivery in advance – at least two weeks before a shipping day are enough. It allows avoiding extra upcharges and getting the fastest turnaround. Of course, there are urgent situations, like purchasing a car online that requires it to be picked up or an unplanned trip. Your carrier should cover all the unexpected problems, but usually, you will have to pay some additional fees.

#3 Be flexible

A car owner should be present when the car shipping company picks your vehicle up and unloads it. This way, if you have some time limits, tell a carrier about your timing problems. Be flexible when it comes to the requirement to be present at loading or unloading your vehicle – you can ask your friend or relative to do this instead of you. You can offer a range of days for pick-up or drop-off to allow your auto transport service to strategically plan a shipping day.

#4 Ask for a discount

If you work with the best auto transport service, it never hurts to ask for a discount. This option is helpful for college students, members of the military, and everyone who uses the services of a carrier repeatedly. Reliable car shipping services will always be glad to give regular customers a 10% discount!

#5 Be sure your car is in working order

Shipping non-running cars turns out a little more complicated for car transport companies, so if you can, try to repair your vehicle before transportation to avoid some extra shipping payments. While selecting the best auto transport service, ask companies for two quotes – one for a running car and one for an inoperable vehicle. Compare prices and decide which option is better for you.