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Empire Auto Transportation - Car Shipping and Auto Transportation Company

Empire Auto Transportation Group is a family owned and operated company. Our corporate office is located in Syracuse, New York. We are only 10 minutes from Syracuse University, 5 minutes from Destiny USA and about 1 ½ hours from Fort Drum NY.

Empire Auto Transportation has grown to become one of the largest transporters of personally owned vehicles in the country. Covering all 50 states, we offer an unprecedented level of service and commitment to moving our customer’s vehicles. With over 10 years of experience, we have gained a substantial amount of knowledge about automotive transportation.

A leader in transportation, Empire Auto Transportations is the right choice to handle all of your transport needs. We are able to provide transportation for single units or truck loads, whether regular or oversized. Transportation is available to and from all auto auctions nationwide. We are able to have trucks staged at auctions with a one to two day notice. Dealer trade movements are welcomed. Our priority is to pick-up and deliver your car to you safely and in a timely manner. We accomplish this by keeping each and every customer informed about the entire auto transportation process.

Our Car Transportation Services

We know that trying to transport a vehicle can be extremely nerve-racking. We are here to help and make sure the experience is as stress free as possible. Due to our experienced employees, we are able to make the transportation process successful, fast and reliable. We have already shipped thousands of vehicles, providing an unforgettable and smooth delivery process for our customers. Our company can also help you with car delivery from any auction or dealership nationwide.

Truck Shipping

For our team, transporting trucks is not a problem. Simply mention all the details about your truck, concerning the type of truck, delivery information (destination address, city, and state) and pickup location details (all these details should be mentioned in your form).

Multi Car Shipping & Transport

Open multi-car carrier transportation is when several cars are loaded in a single multicar carrier. It is one of the most popular vehicle shipping services because it is our most cost-effective service. With experienced shipping partners we provide great multiple car shipping services.

SUV Shipping

SUV shipping service is offered for small, mid-size or even large vehicles. We provide an individual approach to different classes, weights, and sizes of SUVs. As a result of our personalized transportation service, our customers receive a positive, safe and successful auto transportation experience.

Salvaged Car Shipping

Shipping a salvaged car requires proper attention and care. It cannot be transported as a functional and unharmed car. We are capable of providing a special forklift to securely lift a damaged car on the top of the hauler for a safe transportation to any destination.

Open Carrier Transportation

Open carrier transport means that your vehicle will be on an open trailer and exposed to the outdoors. This type of vehicle transportation is a widely used, because of its inexpensive price. It can be about 30-40 % cheaper than an enclosed car shipping service.

Car Storage

Our company offers short and long-term storage solutions. With a great security system, your vehicle will be monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras. Parking your car in one of our warehouses will guarantee protection from theft, dust, rust, and scratches.

Car Transportation

We offer different options to relocate your vehicle. That’s why when filing the form you’ll notice that we ask for the exact vehicle specifications. This helps us know for sure how much space will be needed and what adjustments should be taken for the car.

Dealer To Dealer Auto Transport

Dealer trade movements are not the exception to our pledge to provide exceptional transportation service. Empire Auto Transportation offers enclosed carrier service for an even more safe and secure delivery of your prized cars. Enclosed shipping service keeps the road spray and weather elements away from your automobile.

Our easy transport steps

Quote and book your order

All you need to do is just request a simple form

We’ll pick up your car

Our team of experienced professionals will pick up your car

We’ll ship your car to the place you’ve mentioned in the form

Get your vehicle

Get your vehicle and say “thank” for a well-done job!



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Empire Auto Transportation – car transportation solutions.


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Costs and prices for shipping

Car transportation service

The cost for shipping services depends on the type of service you need (open or closed trailer shipment)


The distance your vehicle should be transported also influences the shipping cost.

Vehicle model

The type of your car, its modifications and conditions will be also taken into consideration.

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